The best Gym brushes

Embark on a revolution with our cutting-edge gym brushes, meticulously crafted to redefine industry standards. Recognizing the common concerns of gym owners about the fragility and high maintenance of existing solutions.

With a set of design criterias we set out to create a game-changing product that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Elevate your gym with our unique gym brushes. Where scandinavian design meets durability for a cleaner, more sustainable climbing gym.

Climbing gym brush


Experience superior cleaning performance and durability with our high boar hair density brushes. With the "glued in technology" we are able to provide you with a much denser brush, which last 3-4 time as long as other brushes on the market.

As others we have learnt that the tip of the brush is the one most prone to wear. To compensate for this wear out brushes have longer hair at the tip. 

Durable and resilient with ø28mm beech wood shafts. Our gym brushes are engineered to withstand the rigors of regular use, providing a long-lasting solution for your cleaning needs.

Climbing gym brush
Climbing brush

Design criterias

A unique series of gym brushes, all stemming from the same Scandinavian design.

With sustainability at its core and crafted from FSC wood our brushes aligning with the values of responsible business practice most gyms try to achieve.

A slim design ensures our brushes effortlessly navigate the narrow spaces of those blocked crimps, slopers etc.

With a quick and easy adjustment mechanism, our gym brushes swiftly adapts to the angle needed. We also have an optional slightly bend metal adaptor. 

Say goodbye to concerns about metal scraping on that new 500 Euro macro with our metal-free design.

Boulder brush

3 different sizes

Our brushes come in three different sizes. 

A big hand brush for easy brushing of starting holds and overhanging boulders. The big hand brush has a bristle area of 24x75mm. 

A regular stick brush with a 200cm long ø28mm beech wood shaft. This brush has the same bristle area as the big boulder brush. This brush is ideal for smaller holds, pockets, blocked holds etc.

A big sloper stick brush with a 200cm long ø28mm beech wood shaft. This one is ideal for slopers and all round brushing of modern hold shapes, volumes etc. The bristle area on this one is 44x75mm.