ClimbLab was founded by two long time passionate climbers

Jens Gad and Morten J Pedersen.

Jens Gad holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering and Design. Professional experience as R&D Director in product development company DANSK TEKNOLOGI. 

Jens has developed ultrasound machines and holds patents within ultrasound technology.

Several years as chairman of climbing gym.

Climbing since 1998

Morten J Pedersen holds a MSc in Mechanical and Process engineering.
Professional experience as Senior Project Manager at a manufacturing development function within Novo Nordisk.

Morten has been working with ultrasound cleaning technology within Pharma production. Furthermore, Morten has extensive experience within Lean - work flow optimisation and maintenance management.

Climbing since 1995.

Our Mission

To apply our professional knowledge within design, construction and workflow optimization, to develop better and sustainable solutions for the climbing gyms.

We want to professionalize the climbing industry even more to support a healthy work environment and sustainable solutions.

Copenhagen - Denmark


Phone:  +45 41 10 05 33

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