Improved conditions

As climbers we are always in search of the best conditions. They even have a name - Send conditions or crisp conditions.

During summer, our High Volume Low Speed fans (HVLS) create a uniform and comfortable breeze in the gym lowering the perceived temperature with as much as 8-10°C.  

During winter, our fans can run in reverse mode to keep climbers warmer by mixing the warm air at the ceiling with the cooler air from the floor. This prevents the heat from dissipating through the ceiling.


With our HVLS fans you reduce the heating/cooling demands with as much as 30% and thereby the overall energy cost with the same amount.

HVLS ventilator

ClimbLab technology

We supply the best HVLS fan on the market. 


Our HVLS fans come with several advantages. They feature the newest permanent magnet motor technology which uses 70% less energy, generates less noise and requires a minimum of maintenance compared to traditional fans with a reduction gearbox and conventional motor.


Top mounting and blade brackets are integrated in a cast design with the permanent magnet motor to ensure the safest possible construction.


Despite the large fan sizes from 3,15 - 7,15 meters our fans are light and silent. 


The fans feature an automatic power off protection, to ensure that any accidental touching of the blades results in immediate and safe shutdown. 


Optional app for remote control or patented integrated LED light to avoid flickering light from having light placed above the blades.


High volume low speed fan
HVLS fan effect_cooling_00a
HVLS fan effect heating_00a

Why big fans?

During the last 10 years big fans (HVLS fans) have become more and more popular, especially in North America but also in Europe. Now the time has come to Climbing gyms.


Due to the slow rotating large blades of a HVLS fan, they create a pleasant draft at an exceptionally large area. One of our 4,15 meter fans cover an area of approximately 450 m2.


This technology is not to be compared to smaller high-velocity fans which creates a small, turbulent air streams that quickly disperse. One large HVLS fan can create the same cooling effect as 20 small fans, but at a much lower cost.


A fan that size uses around 50 watt and can be operated for around 0,3 Euro a day. Compared to the savings on either heating or cooling the investment has a bay back time at around 1-1,5 years. 

HVLS fan


In doubt of the fan size you need? Reach out to us.


When installing HVLS fans in a bouldering gym you should expect to install smaller fans than in a route climbing gym. It all depends on the layout, height, and width of your climbing gym.


Whether you want the HVLS fans in a combination with our filters or want the fans to save money on heating and cooling, we are ready to help you.


Install our HVLS fans together with our filters for the ultimate solution of crisp clean air.