Handle full crates instead of single holds

Less than 2 minutes work per load

Cleaning climbing holds

When a climbing wall is stripped from holds, the route setters organize the climbing holds by color and size in plastic crates. Full crates are moved to the washing area to be cleaned. 

With the ClimbLab system, the holds stay in crates from stripping to setting and the machine does all the cleaning for you - to perfection!

You simply just need to load and unload the crates in the machine and occasionally organize the holds.

When the holds are rinsed and have drained off, the crates are moved to your storage area or used directly for next route setting activity. 

The average labour required per washing cycle is less than two minutes and depends on the number of crates.

The machine can wash up to 500 small holds (crimps and footholds), 150 mini-jugs, 50 large holds or several fiberglass macros in one washing cycle. 

One washing cycle is between 5-30 minutes depending on load and type of holds. 

Create value in your gym

While the machine washes the holds

climbing holds cleaning

With the ClimbLab solution, you no longer need a dedicated person to wash your holds.   

You no longer have to put on a head-to-toe safety outfit and spend a full day in a hazardous and horrible working environment.

The climbLab solution is as convenient and user friendly as a dishwasher and anyone can do it. There is no splashing of water and all you need is a pair of gloves. 

A gym can clean more than 2000 normal sized holds per week by spending just 2 minutes 5 times per day. Or you can clean 3000 holds in one day by running continuously.

In most cases, gym-staff such as cafe personnel can manage the washing during hours of low activity.

In gyms where the route setter is responsible for washing holds, you can free up more time to set significantly more routes or set routes of higher quality. 

Ultimately, the core value in your climbing gym is the quality of the holds, the quality of the routes and the frequency of route setting. ClimbLab helps your gym to create more value where it counts, using fewer resourses. 

Prolong the life of your holds

Typical chipped edge and white scratches from handling.  

In many climbing gyms, the people who wash the holds donĀ“t have the time or the system to handle the holds carefully. 

With current solutions the holds are handled one by one during the washing process and they are often poured from crates on to the ground and thrown back into the crates. 

The consequence is that the holds are scratched and chipped and look worn out. Often due to the handling itself and not the actual climbing. This visual deterioration can be avoided. 

With the ClimbLab solution, the holds are placed in crates by route setters and are not touched again before they are picked up for route setting again. Only route setters place their hands on the holds. Fewer handling steps saves time and limits wear and tear on the holds. 

The ultrasonic cleaning process is gentle and extremely efficient and will clean all surfaces and cavities to perfection. 

With the ClimbLab solution, your holds will look new every time you set. 

Save money and help the environment by making your holds last longer.

Better for the environment

Climbing holds cleaning

With pressure washing you use an average of 30 seconds per hold.

That corresponds to 5 litres of drinking water used on each climbing hold or 5000 litres per week for 1000 holds.  

With the ClimbLab solution you use 140 litres in the ultrasonic bath and 110 litres in the rinse bath. A total of 250 litres that will clean an average of 2500 mid-sized holds. 

The ClimbLab solution uses 0,1 litres of water on one mid-sized climbing hold or 50 times less than a conventional pressure cleaning process.

The ClimbLab UltraGrip soap is biodegradable and can be let directly to your drain.

The cleaning process does not generate any harmful fumes unlike other conventional acidic cleaning agents. No ventilation is needed!

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